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KI WorkUp Adjustable Table

Movement is natural and necessary, and it should be encouraged in the workplace. Intuitive, height-adjustable work surfaces, such as KI’s WorkUp Adjustable Table, are the ideal solution. WorkUp delivers easy-to-use adjustability with a clean design and consistent profile.

WorkUp offers five standard options for adjustability: ratchet, crank, electric (two height ranges), and counterbalance. A fixed table model is also available.

The most notable adjustable feature is the ANSI HFES (Human Factors and Ergonomics Society) base, which requires a base range of 22 to 46.5 inches. WorkUp exceeds this code with an adjustment range of 22 to 48 inches.

The dual-column counterbalance feature is the quickest-adjusting type of sit-stand table on the market. Combined with the ratchet and front-crank adjustable options, WorkUp provides a wide range of height-adjustability within an efficient statement of line.

Five different adjustment features provide various height ranges as follows:
Electric 24.75-49″
Electric (ANSI HFES) 22-48″
Counterbalance 27-47”
Crank 27-45″
Ratchet 27-36.5″